YPC-staff_0000_Patricio Perez

Patricio Perez


Nickname: Pato
Hometown: Quito – Ecuador
Childhood Ambitions: Police officer, soccer player
Inspiration: Jesus and my family
What you most enjoy working with YCP: Help people to get a better future and reach out personal goals

Sergio Burgos

General Manager

Hometown: Pageland, SC
Childhood Ambitions: Wisdom
Inspiration: Jeff Bezos
What you most enjoy working with YCP: Great work atmosphere!

YPC-staff_0001_Sergio Burgos

Maria Blasco

Senior Sales Director

Hometown: Buenos Aires Argentina
Childhood Ambitions: Doctor
Inspiration: Malala You
Nickname: Mariu
What I enjoy most working with YCP: I enjoy working: because I believe in teamwork, clear goals, communication and group effort to achieve a common goal. I personally value the support from the team and the opportunities for growth we have in the company. Additionally, I’m passionate about contributing to a company that values continuous improvement and forward-thinking, which aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations.

Camilo Garcia

Recruitment Manager & Human Resources

HometownBogota, Colombia
Childhood AmbitionsTravel and understand different cultures in the world.
InspirationHaving the willingness to learn every day and never losing the capacity for wonder to reinforce my personal values and leave a seed of who I am as a human being. I really enjoy the team vision, the work environment is healthy and very supportive, which makes it easier to face daily challenges.

YPC-staff_0003_Camilo Garcia
YPC-staff_0000_Marcia Souza

Marcia Souza

Chief Financial Officer

Nickname: Marcinha
Hometown: Goiania-Goias, Brazil
Childhood Ambitions: Be a doctor
Inspiration: My family
What I enjoy most working with YCP: I love the work environment and my team that make YCP a great company.

Austin Biddy

Project Manager,

Project Manager: Construction cleaning, windows and pressure washer.
Nickname: Biddy
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Childhood Ambitions: Marine biologist
Inspiration: Dad & wife
What I enjoy most: The clear and quick communication

YPC-staff_0000_Ana McCormak

Ana McCormack

Director of Operations Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Division

Nickname: Yare
Hometown: Heredia, Costa Rica
Childhood Ambitions: Play the violin
Inspiration: God and family
What I enjoy most working with YCP: Meeting new people and exceed their expectations