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Patricio Perez

Founder / Owner

Hello, my name is Patricio Perez. I was born in Quito, Ecuador and studied at Polytechnic University where I obtained the title of engineer. I have a degree in business administration and I have specialized in finance, accounting and sales, which are my passions.
In 2002, I performed an analysis of the market, applied my business administration skills and realized there is a huge demand for cleaning services and building maintenance. The need for cleaning services and building maintenance in Charlotte, NC was even greater, as the city grows by leaps and bounds every day. So I formed Y.C.P. Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services to meet the growing needs of businesses and residential cleaning services.
My daily motivation is family, to be a good example for them as well as for my employees, and to strive to exceed my clients best expectations. The United States is a country of opportunities, and through dedication and hard work you can achieve your dreams and succeed in your endeavors.